1. Soma

From the recording The Virus Sessions

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Soma, by Kenny Weill


Take me away
To a
So-So-Soma Holiday
I’ll kneel and pray
All day
On my Soma Holiday

You got your fix
Of gospel readin’
Somethin’ to believe in
A sense of well-bein’

A myth created
To sedate the masses
Keep us on our asses
Servants of the masters

You can’t be heard when
No one’s listenin’
And if no one’s listenin’
Then no one answers


No one has heard you
All of these years
Your words have fallen
On deaf ears

A lifetime’s worth of
Wasted hours
Six billion kowtowers
To some higher power

Get off your knees
Spend less time hopin’
And more time copin’
With your situation

I’m off to hell
With my eyes wide open
While you’re blindly gropin’
For a touch of salvation

Chorus 2x