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King of the Push-Away

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King of the Push-Away, by Kenny Weill

Since you wore your high school letter
Thought there must be someone better
The grass looks so much greener
Over there

Sticking your head around the corner
What about the one from California
Never focused on whose standing
Right here

King of the Push-Away (3x)
It’s the easiest thing to do

Unrealistic expectations
And a severe lack of patience
Any excuse you find to show
Their limitations

You’ll do this on your own schedule
Your family doesn’t want to meddle
You claim it’s ‘cause you refuse
To settle

King of the Push-Away (3x)
Yeah, you’re taking the long view

Guitar Solo / Bridge

So, you break another heart
Then set the timer back to start
And get ready to play the same
Old part

So now you question your decisions
Feel like you’ve been imprisoned
This ain’t the life that you

King of the Push-Away (3x)
Yet you keep on pushin through
Yeah you keep on pushin through
But the problem lies with you